Dusty Motors Dirt Protection Cover – Universal Size Small+


  • Brand: Dusty Motors
  • Part No: DM-UNI0021
  • Fitment: Option Part

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To see what universal shroud you need, please see the youtube video from Dusty Motors at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yksYKFuqXgg

Universal Adjustable Protection Cover Size S+

  • Width: 31cm (12.2 Inch)
  • Length: 24cm (9.5 Inch)

This is a high quality, hand made, dust and splash proof shroud, designated to fit a particular model. Shroud comes with a zipper, which allows to access the internals of a model i.e. connecting/disconnecting  batteries and turning a model on/off without removing a shroud. While taking a break between runs the shroud can be unzipped to allow ESC and motor to cool quicker.  Shroud is made from the highest quality materials. That is why it is strong, durable and efficient. The open area of a material is more than 50% of total shroud surface, so it ensures a very good airflow in order to  keep the model electronics cool.

Shock absorber cover is included into the package. Shock absorber cover comes in one long piece, so it could be cut into lengths that particular shock absorbers require. Cover is made from elastic material in order to fit shock absorbers of different diameters. Two included lengths of a cover will be enough for 8-16 shock absorbers, depending on a length of one.

About Dusty Motors:

After a good bashing session, you probably just want to kick back with a beer and chat with your mates. The last thing you want to do is spend time cleaning the dust, rocks, dirt and debris from your model’s motor and other internal components. It’s just no fun, and no one enjoys such a time-consuming chore.

We know this better than anyone. As RC enthusiasts ourselves, we got tired of this tedious job and sought a way to protect our models from being damaged on the track. We tried some of the options available on the market, but just didn’t find what we were after. We wanted a better way to protect our models than what other companies were offering, so we decided to design something ourselves.

After tons of trials and many, many mistakes, we came up with a brilliant idea to use a shroud with a zipper. The combination allowed us to access the internal parts of the model quickly. We could easily turn the model off and on or disconnect the batteries without removing the entire shroud. Between stints, we could unzip the shroud to let the ESC and motor cool quickly.

The zippered shroud worked wonders for us, and all our RC buddies loved it, too. Everyone wanted one! That’s how the idea for the Dusty Motors Shroud was born. But before we offered to RC aficionados around the globe, we made a few more improvements. Now, our shrouds are handcrafted by skilled European tradesmen using only the highest quality materials.